Directed Doodle Drawing

We all love to doodle. Why not harness the energy of the scribble-line doodle to produce drawings with control and spontaneity?

I doodle with random scribbles while talking on the phone, and the fun of this kind of random subconscious doodle is that i can watch it develop as I do it. In a way I am the actor and the audience at the same time. Pick up a ball point pen and try this:

scribble pen line drawing of fellow flickr artist, Taswir.

First, just scribble and become enchanted by the wonderful tangle of lines that ensue.

Next, pick a simple object, and while you scribble, focus on one area of the object and direct the tangle of lines to describe that area. Don’t outline it, just keep scribbling until you have drawn it, then move on to an adjacent area. This requires that the motion of drawing or scribbling continues while you keenly observe the location and size of the next area relative to the first area.

Watch the drawing develop instead of outlining and filling in. This kind of drawing produces an organic kind of image, one that grows into the subject. The drawing will also exhibit much more energy than most drawings because the line is so agitated.

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