Painting Great Britain

Hi everyone,

I haven’t had a chance to post anything for a bit since I was up to my neck teaching two back-to-back watercolor painting workshops in the Southwest of England. We had good weather for the 16 days of workshops, with only a bit of rain. Before our arrival the area had experience constant rain since the middle of May. We were very glad to see that change.

There were some very good paintings produced, and everyone had a great time. Painting on location is always a challenge, and for many of the participants the subject matter was completely different than anything they had ever painted. The architecture is like nothing in the USA, and of course the palette included a wide variety of greens. I have found that the exercise of painting plein air pushes me into deeper observation. Even if the paintings are not the most finished works, the growth from the heightened observation directly influences subsequent paintings for the better. Studio paintings are always better because of the plein air experience.

Additionally, the most growth occurs when we are at the edge of our comfort zones. Fear is the enemy of growth and creativity. Painting on location with other painters can be discomforting, but it is always rewarding. If you have never painted on location, take the next opportunity and join with others who are facing the same angst.

I am writing this from Scotland. Today I was drawing in Fort William on the West Coast. I will post some of the drawings when I return. In the interim, happy painting.

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